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Dayal Bagh, Agra

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Dayal Bagh, Agra Tours

From the collectorate. It is the birth Swami', which was founded by Swami is sect is headed by religious 'Gurus' and its follwers are spread in all parts of at least North - India along with some followers throughout many countries of the East and the West, but of course Indians by birth.

The main attraction of Dayal Bagh is the samadhi of the 'Sat Guru Maharaj' in white marble, with in lay work of semi-precious stones. It is under construction since 1915 A.D. but the construction work is a bit slow. The mini model of the actual 'Samadhi' is kept in a room in 'Swami Bagh', which can be seen after the permission of the Secretary. Above this platform will be constructed a two-storied building, with four minarets at each corner and a big dome in the center. Previously its estimated cost was about 50 lakhs, which has increased now.

It is a piece of marvelous artistic work on the pattern of the Taj in white marble with floral designs in other coloured stones. Whatever work has been completed so far, is of immense artistic value and worth visiting. Near the Samadhi, there is a good colony, meant for the followers of Radha Swami fatith. It is a complete to Dayal Bagh or Radha Swami's Samadhi worship, having its own Municipal system, own banks, own agricultural land, industry and a deemed university of its own with colleges of Education and Engineering College.

Dayal Bagh is famous for its textiles, Durri-works, leather goods and artistic small marble items or products. Now a day, this religious sect has got a division-having three branches Dayal Bagh, Swami Bagh and Hazuri Bhawan, (Pipal Mandi) branch, having all separate 'Gurus' as their religious heads. But some of their functions are common (like Bhandara of Radha Swami Maharaj), having common ideal logics of religion.